Breathing Meditation To Let Go Of Longings or Attachments


Breathing Meditation – ‘Soooo-Hummmm’


Stay In Present To Let Go Of Past Longings or Attachments

Our mind has a habit of staying in the past, and remembers the glorious moments we had. ‘Sometimes our regrets.’  The past “good” and “bad”. We sometimes miss the wonderful things that happened. From frequent visits to the past, springs a desire for repeat actions, and one longs for more experiences in the future.

But, if we train our mind to stay in the present moment, and try to enjoy the best of it, we will not have any longings or attachments.

Exercise: In Laughter Yoga Retreats, we have ‘Soooo-Hummmm’, a kind of Breath Meditation – in Sanskrit it means: I am a part of the Universe. The microcosm and macrocosm are the same, and connected.

Focusing your awareness on the breath will keep you in the present moment, as both Breathing and Laughter, are activities which can only be performed in the present; you can’t breathe in the past or future.

How To Do Soooo-Hummmm Meditation

Step 1: Watch your in-breath and out-breath from beginning to end.

While inhaling, say Sooooooooooo (in your mind – non verbal) ………….

and while exhaling say Hummmm (also in your mind).

With complete attention on the breath, and the mind occupied on the mantra, you will notice your thought process will slow down significantly, and you will experience a calmness of the mind.

Step 2: Another important guideline about Soooo-Hummmm Meditation is that you should try and breathe as slowly and deeply as possible.
You should take about 4-6 breaths in a minute. (Normal breathing rate is 15 per minute). This will slow down the heart rate, and other physiological parameters.

Step 3: While bringing your awareness on the breath, imagine you are breathing into the entire body, not just into the lungs. Feel the air going to each and every cell of your body. And finally, with each breath, imagine your body is expanding into the Universe, to become one with the Universe. When you are completely engrossed in Breath Awareness, you will feel a sense of lightness, as if there is no body. There will also be very few thoughts in the mind.

Important: In the beginning, while focusing your awareness on the Breath, some thoughts will keep crossing your mind. This is okay, but do not get upset with these thoughts. Let them come. Your job is to keep bringing your awareness back to your Breath.

Excerpt From Dr. Kataria’s Diary: Used With Permission.

Come Join In Laughter For No Reason because Laughter Is The Best Medicine! – Richard





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