Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

He resides in Atlanta, GA.

Personally trained by Sebastien Gendry, Founder of The American School Of Laughter Yoga.

The American School Of Laughter Yoga is the oldest and largest provider of Laughter Yoga education in North America
and currently serves the educational needs of people in 176 countries and territories.

It produces the Annual All America Laughter Yoga Conference in the USA each year. Slide Show of 2012 Conference is on the Home page.

Sebastien Gendry was the first American to be trained as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher by Dr. Kataria of India.

Discover a refreshing and innovative healing modality that is simple, fun and filled with laughter.

Laughter Yoga, the brainchild of Dr. Kataria of Mumbai, India (1995), is a form of exercise, with pranayama breathing combined with laughing for no reason at all. No equipment or special clothing is required. All can practice and benefit. Expect no jokes or comedy.  We choose to laugh, because we can. The benefits of laughter are scientifically documented.

No politics, no religious viewpoints, no judgment. Free. Donation accepted. Open to all.

In each of our free classes we do light movements with no yoga poses to memorize, we learn to breathe in a deeper way easily and we initiate laughter (fake or real) in a group as a form of exercise. The laughter becomes contagious quickly as it much easier to laugh in a group then by yourself. Whether you fake it or genuinely laugh makes no difference to your body. Either way it will give you the same health benefits. We are experts at managing group dynamics and know what techniques to use, when, for maximum results.

Laughter has been rediscovered as a powerful tool in the battle against many physical and mental dis-eases.

Many scientific studies suggest that it:

  • boosts the immune system, liberates interleukin 2
  • reduces anxiety
  • alleviates pain
  • releases stress, by decreasing cortisol serum levels
  • helps reduce depression
  • increases neuron-peptides call endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine
  • gives hope to people diagnosed with terminal diseases
  • conditions the abdominal muscles
  • relaxes muscles throughout the body
  • helps asthma suffers
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves heart rate
  • moves the lymphatic  system
  • increases antibodies in saliva that combats upper respiratory infections
  • boosts oxygen in the blood helping all body functions
  • helps with rheumatism
  • reduces symptoms of neuralgia
  • improves ventilation, helping with chronic respiratory conditions
  • secretes an enzyme that protects the stomach from forming ulcers
  • can help headache suffers
  • can help with fight/flight anger response
  • helps you feel more joyful
  • improves self esteem
  • increases positives in your thinking
  • empowers, restores hope and energy
  • helps you connect with others in non judgmental way
  • and initiates powerful positive changes in our mind functioning and emotions
  • build community and trust

Laughter Yoga is a complementary health practice that supplements normal western medicine, not replaces it.
Check with your Health Care Professional if you have any concerns. Do not stop any treatments without consulting your Health Care Professional.



Richard Taylor, CLYL


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