Yoga In Atlanta, GA

Richard Taylor, CLYL


Yoga In Grand Junction, CO

The Academy of Yoga
102 South 5th Street
Grand Junction
(970) 201-6316

Yoga Vinyassa
2500 Broadway
Grand Junction
(970) 424-5116

Yoga West
1025 Main Street
Grand Junction
(970) 255-9642

Blue Heron Yoga & Fitness
Cedaredge,  Grand Junction, Delta, Eckert, CO
(970) 210-8587

Generous Adventure Yoga
801 Ouray Avenue
Grand Junction
(970) 314-7364

Hot Yoga
2493 U.S. 6
Grand Junction
(970) 270-3690

Heart’s Path
523 1/2 Main St # C
Grand Junction
(970) 243-2993

Yoga Junction

Pilates Space LLC
634 Main Street, Suite 103,
Grand Junction, CO 81501
DOWNTOWN! (in the breezeway)

Fitness In Grand Junction, CO

Crossroads Fitness
2768 Compass Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Fax: 970-241-4030

Crossroads Fitness

225 N. 5th Street, Suite 18
Alpine Bank Building
Fax: 970-241-3532

Gold’s Gym Grand Junction, CO #1001


700 Maldonado Way
Grand Junction , CO 81505 » Map

Contact Info Phone:970-243-4653
Fax: 970-263-8675

Gym Hours Open 24 Hours Monday through Friday
5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday

Laughter Yoga International

Official Website of Founder Dr. Madan Kataria
Global Movement For Health, Joy and World Peace

Anger Management

Atlanta Anger Management
Certified Anderson and Anderson™ Anger Management Provider, The Trusted Name In Anger Management, provides help with anger, rage, conflict in relationships. Classes, Seminars, Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Executive Coaching, Anger Management, Stress Management, Improved Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence Skills, Relationship Management, Couples Conflict Management, Truck Drivers Anger Management, Road Rage, and Business Wellness Programs.



atlangermanAnger Management on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Google Plus




Anger Management Assessment Evaluations
Anger Management Assessment EvaluationsRichard Taylor BS, CAMF conducts Anger Assessments for Court Ordered People, Attorney Referred, HR Department Referrals, Business Referrals, Self Evaluation Volunteers. You simply call Richard Taylor 678-576-1913 to Set Up Assessment appointment time. ANGER ASSESSMENTS – COST: $150.00





Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 Assessments
Richard Taylor BS, CAMF conducts Online EQ-i 2.0 Assessments

Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence Assessments

Certified MHS EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Provider






Business Anger Management
Business Anger Management


Anger Management For Business, Emotional Intelligence Development, Impulse Control, Voice Tone Awareness and Control, Body Language Awareness, Emotion Control, Peak Performance, Improving Communication, Conflict Styles, Cognitive Distortions, Positivity, Self Improvement, Control for PTSD


Bradshaw Connections Anger Management  Grand Junction, CO



Atlanta Relationship Therapist

Atlanta Relationship Therapist



Atlanta Relationship Therapist is Certified Anger Resolution Therapist Richard Taylor.

Richard Taylor is a Gottman Coach, Facilitator in Communication, Mentor using psycho-education principles to effect massive change in clients attitudes, beliefs, speech patterns, and behaviors. Not Counseling like talk therapy.

Richard specializes in:

  • Couples Conflict Management – Couples in crises that exhibit toxic behaviors such has criticism, defensiveness, contempt, stonewalling
  • Couples Relationship Problems in communication, stalemate, co-existing with no joy, existing in just tolerating each other
  • You are breaking up. You tried going to a marriage counselor and it did not help
  • Anger Management
  • Improving Communication using Assertiveness and Empathetic Listening
  • Four Horse Of The Apocalypse – criticism, defensiveness, contempt, stonewalling
  • Emotional Intelligence – Increasing Self Awareness, Self-Control, Social Intelligence and Relationship Management
  • Stress Awareness and Stress Management
  • Anger can be dangerous when it’s turned on others or directed inwards, but you don’t have to hurt yourself or anyone else if you’re struggling to find peace of mind
  • Richard Taylor, Relationship Therapist is available to offer unique solutions for your situation that can help you live a healthier life
  • Coaching is available by appointment locally or via Skype, ICQ, Tango, FB messenger, or phone. 678-576-1913

Laughter Yoga International

Official Website of Founder Dr. Madan Kataria
Global Movement For Health, Joy and World Peace


Laughter Yoga In USA


American School Of Laughter Yoga
The American School Of Laughter Yoga is the oldest and largest provider of Laughter Yoga education in North America and currently serves the educational needs of people in 176 countries and territories. The school was founded in 2004 by Sebastien Gendry, the first American to train as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

We spearhead the Laughter Yoga movement in North America and have combined over a decade of experience in fitness and complementary medicine with our knowledge of Western science and Eastern wisdom to create the Laughter Wellness method, a unique set of exercise techniques that unleash positivity, playfulness and creativity. This program supports and significantly develops the Laughter Yoga approach of simulated laughter exercise.



Laughter Yoga in SLO


     The American School Of Laughter Yoga
The oldest and largest provider of Laughter Yoga education in North America.
     Laughter Yoga On The Phone
Created by Gaga Barnes, “Laughter Yoga on the Phone” unites people the world over in remarkable, spontaneous and hilarious
sessions of healing and health.
     Laughter Yoga USA
Laughter Yoga Teacher Gaga and Khevin Barnes.
     Laughter Incorporated, USA
Laughter Yoga Teachers – Mary & Keith’s website from USA.
     Follow The Laughter
Lynda Tourloukis, Motivational Guidance Specialist DOF, QOC
     The Laughter Yoga Institute
Jeffrey Briar, Director, The Laughter Yoga Institute.
     Laughter Yoga Chicago
Founder, Laughter Yoga Chicago & Chicago Live Life Laughing Club.
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Laughter Yoga International Author, Professional Speaker and Trainer.
     Shenandoah Valley Laughter Yoga
Ramana Lailah Heyman, a Wellness Consultant
     Laughter Yoga in New York
Vishwa Prakash, Laughter Yoga Teacher from New York
     Carmela Carlyle
Carmela Carlyle, Laughter Yoga Teacher
     Joyful Living
Joyful Living – bring more joy to your business and personal life through laughter! Jill and Dan Johnson, Laughter Yoga Teachers, USA
     Blue Skies CCH, Inc
Laughter Yoga Teachers in GA, US., Craig and Helen Whitley
     Giggle On
Laughter Yoga schedule, Giggle Coaching sessions or Speaking Engagements.
     Portland Laughter Yoga
Your health actually is a laughing matter
     Laugh Alive
Journeys through laughter, transformative arts and the breath
     The Maryland School of Laughter
Laughter Home
     Laugh Away
Laughaway, health, peace and happiness
     Follow The Laughter, USA
Laughter Teacher/Advanced Workshops – Chicago Coalition of Chuckles for laughter leaders in the midwest.
     Laughing yoga with Gita
Laughter Yoga As Medicine
     Laugh Yourself Philly
Laughter Yoga Class
     Laughter Exercise Flash Cards
The Laughter Yoga Institute
     Bloomington Laughter Club
Bloomington Laughter Yoga Club founder and leader Sulaiman Zai, Indiana, USA
     Laughing with Laura
Laughing Laura
     One Thousand Laughs, USA
Laughter Yoga Leader Teresa Verde brings the dynamic power of laughter to various organizations in the Pacific Northwest.
     Laugh on Purpose USA
Laugh on Purpose is dedicated to improving the quality of our lives through positive energy and laughter. Happiness is a choice.
     Roni Radio USA
We teach what we love; I love and teach Laughter (Hasya) Yoga and Hatha Yoga.
     Ramana Lailah Heyman USA
“Laughter is in the Breathe, Life is in Breathing”
     Belly Laugh Day
Elaine Helle, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
     Laughter Yoga for Health
Siddharth Shah, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
     I’m OK Laughter Club
Maggie Kelley, USA lists laughter clubs, leaders, and events in northern California.
     A Laugh a Day
A Laugh a Day, Online blog offering a funny video every day
     Laughter Yoga Michigan
Laughter Yoga Michigan, Healing the World One Laugh at a Time.
     Laughter Yoga 4 U
Laughter Yoga 4 U
Tanaz Bamboat, Certified Laughter yoga leader and teacher.
Ambassador for 2006 & 2008 (Dr. Kataria’s School Of Laughter)
Ambassador for 2009 ( American School Of Laughter Yoga)
     The Laughing Mime
Robert Rivest, “The Laughing Mime” Offers Joyful

Seniors In Grand Junction, CO


Hilltop Corporate Office

Address Phone Fax Email
1331 Hermosa Ave
Grand Junction, CO 81506
970-242-4400 970-243-4646

Hilltop’s spectrum of Senior Services provides a continuum of living option for our community’s seniors. These resources include exceptional assisted and independent living communities. These wonderful communities are conveniently located in the heart of Grand Junction where residents can enjoy nearby shopping, dining and entertainment as well as tour the Colorado National Monument, Grand Mesa or the delightful wine country.

Hilltop has served seniors for well over 50 years bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to meet the needs of seniors throughout Mesa County. The breadth of choices and services available continues to grow as the community grows.

La Villa Grande Care Center
2501 Little Bookcliff Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970-245-1211
Fax: 970-245-4437
La Villa Grande Care Center offers skilled nursing home care and rehabilitation services in a kind and encouraging environment. This setting is appropriate for individuals who are recovering from surgery or illness, who may require concentrated rehabilitation, or need continuous nursing care. La Villa Grande has Skilled Nursing accommodations for 96 residents, including accommodations for 20 residents needing specialized Alzheimer’s or dementia-related care.


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