Due to the number of Laughter Clubs already in existence in Atlanta, I have decided to join their groups/clubs as my schedule permits.



Third Tuesdays Free Laughter Yoga Circle
By Celeste Greene 678-596-6979

764 Miami Circle, Suite 208
Atlanta, GA 30324
( cross from Luna Restaurant ) off Piedmont Road, just north of Sidney Marcus Blvd.



Laughter for Everyone

Call to see if First or 2nd Wednesday of Each Month 7:30PM

By Jean Woodall 404-378-1673

UUCA Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
1911 Cliff Valley Way NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

This club, running continuously since Oct ’05, is free and truely open to everyone. If the 1st Wednesday is a holiday, it meets the 2nd Wednesday. Check the tripod classroom assignment, as you enter from the parking lot. The parking lot may be accessed by taking the I-85 Northbound Access road between North Druid Hills Rd. and Clairemont Rd. This club was featured on 11 Alive News in 2006. Come let Jean help you get your Laughter Tune up.



Atlanta Laughter Yoga Club

3rd Tuesday 7:00PM FREE
by Joelle Moore 770-655-8802

Marietta Health Foods
1522 Roswell Road NE
Marietta, GA 30062



Laughter for Wellness

3rd Saturday of every month – 2:30 pm

by Debbie Ellison  770-843-0940

Spruill Oaks Library
9560 Spruill Road
Alpharetta 30022


More Locations


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: People from 7/8 years of age and up, Everyone, Seniors, teens, twenty somethings, wheelchair folks, people who bodies ache, depressed folks, humorous people, people with great laughs, the 30 year old folks, people who are happy, people who are sad, people getting married, people getting divorced, the 50 crowd, people who are angry, people dieing, people with immune disorders, people with anxiety, the 40’s, people with migraine headaches, got rheumatism or symptoms of neuralgia, have chronic respiratory conditions, 80 year olds, find yourself with too many negative thoughts, pessimist, optimists, Everyone.

WHO SHOULD NOT ATTEND:  Babies, Toddlers, Dogs, Cats;  If you have a medical condition please check with your Health Care Provider.

COST: Free. Small Laughter Love Donation appreciated at some of the clubs.

WHAT: Laughter Yoga (LY) is light exercise needing no special cloths, no equipment, no poses to learn. We laugh for no reason because we can. Laughter Yoga (LY) is a form of exercise to improve health, happiness and joy. Research and seventeen years of experience shows the body cannot tell the difference from fake laughter and real laughter. The laughter becomes contagious in a group and soon the stress oozes away. The more you engage, the more you get out of it.

WHAT YOU SEE: May look like a bunch of nuts laughing, pure craziness, but no one is allowed to just watch. You are asked to participate or wait outside or wait in the car. 17 years and 6000 laughter clubs in over 60 countries prove people have a great time and feel better coming as often as they can.

WHAT YOU MAY FEEL:  Silly, fun, child like playfulness, stupid, embarrassed, happy, joyful, happy, blissful, bright, warm inside, golden, halcyon, need to laugh more, don’t stop, riant, feeling mirth, infectious, cheerful, elated, joyous, bonded, sense of community, calm, peaceful, carefree, de-stressed, relaxed, energized, psyched. Did I say ” I feel good.”



  • A brief introduction to Laughter Yoga
  • Go over five things to remember during the session
  • Then I tell and show what is going to happen. No reason to be nervous. It is all just plain fun.
  • We do some fun movements – no poses to memorize – you can choose to not do a certain movement – no new pain
  • We breathe, really breathe
  • We move
  • We clap
  • We chant some … HO, HO, HAA, HAA, HAA
  • And then laugh as best we can.
  • Things move along quickly so no one gets bored.
  • We usually do 10-12 different laughter exercises depending on time and group size.
  • You do not have to know anything about Yoga.
  • Most come in street clothes, or work clothes. A bathroom is available if you come straight from work and want to get casual. No yoga clothes are needed. Loose fitting clothes the best.
  • No mats, or special shoes. Some find they actually perspire.
  • We end with a Laughter Meditation like no other meditation you have ever done!
  • We get grounded
  • Then wrap up and done.

IF: Come with an open mind. The session is to help you leave your mind at the front door and to embrace child like playfulness and enjoy each moment for 45 minutes. If you do, you will find you have a great time and feel de-stressed and energized for the evening and the week ahead.

Monday was carefully chosen to help you emerge into the work week full of vitality.



See you there ! – Richard


Director Richard Taylor CLYL
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader


Office Phone: 404-889-1923
Web: www.Atlanta- Laughter-

Laughter Yoga Alone 2

Applications of Laughter Yoga Alone

Dr. Madan Kataria

Laughter Yoga Alone is a great way of releasing stress and negative thoughts. It is a very useful technique to dissipate anger and helps focus on meditative activity. It also helps develop self -confidence as it reduces shyness and inhibitions.It helps to deal with minor irritations that come across our way in daily lives. Broken vending machines, traffic jams, rude teenagers, long queues in supermarket can cause major stress reactions. Learning to laugh alone helps to face these ‘free floating anxieties’ in a much positive way.

It not only helps to communicate with others effectively but also creates a safe environment for others to connect with you and come closer. This goes a long way in achieving success in business, personal and social life.

Calcutta Laughter When The Mind Is In Turmoil

We have one such exercise called Calcutta Laughter which is not exactly laughter but a series of chants of ho ho ha ha with intense hand movements. It is a very effective catharsis to release the emotional energy. It stimulates the diaphragm and activates the para- sympathetic nervous system, which is the opposite of stress arousal sympathetic system.

  • Bring your hands in front of you chest with palms facing outwards
  • Push your hands in a jerky manner, saying the syllables Ho Ho twice. This moves the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm.
  • While pushing your hands downwards to the ground in a jerky manner say ha ha.
  • Do ho ho ha ha aggressively moving your hands in different directions. Keep doing it intensely for one or two minutes and then take a few deep breaths and feel the relaxation.
  • If the intensity of emotions is very high do it for five minutes with breathing breaks in between.

This is a very energizing exercise especially at times like appearing for an interview or any other anxious situation. This is also called laughter boosting.

Laughing Alone In The Bathroom

The bathroom provides for privacy and safety. You can be as funny as you want to and have no fear of anyone watching. Regular laughing while having a shower gets programmed into the body. The moment you turn the tap on, you will start laughing automatically. This is the benefit of repeating any activity and combining physical behavior and with it.

Walking And Laughing

While walking alone, you can find a safe place and laugh at the top of your voice and experience the feel of freedom.

Laughing In The Car

Laughing Alone exercises can be very effectively used during trying times on the road with traffic snarl-up and other daily irritants. Instead of losing patience you can laugh away these situations and change your feelings. You can do the ho ho ha ha exercise without any sound. It all depends upon your level of comfort as you might be aware of other people watching you laughing. You can also pick up your mobile phone and pretend to laugh for a few minutes.

Laugh At Your Own Self – Ha Ha Mantra

Laughing at your own self is not about degrading but is a gentle reminder that life is serious and we must take ourselves lightly in order to keep our spirits high.

Instead of laughing you can just say haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa a few times and it will make you feel good.  It will change negative perspective of the situation. I always use this Ha ha mantra when I mess up something or drop food on my shirt or when something falls from my hands.

Ha Ha Mantra For Free Floating Hostilities

Our lives are flooded with innumerable situations that give rise to irritability and stress. We call them ‘free floating hostilities’ as they are freely available everywhere. These infuriating situations bring a big change in your temperament and attitude.

The best substitute for these hostilities is Ha Ha Manta. Every time you find such a situation you will remember doing haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa.. and it will protect you from getting into a bad mood.

Laughing With Household Chores

You can laugh while doing repetitive household chores like washing dishes, mopping floor, vacuum cleaning, hanging clothes, cleaning windows and many others. This is not a loud laughter but a gentle giggle which will help to change your perspective towards mundane chores and will make them less daunting.

To buy the Laughing Alone DVD please click here……..


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